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and also in Grand Case :

  • Java: charming, elegant seaside restaurant
  • Calmos café: a Grand Case seaside institution with reasonable prices
  • Rainbow: trendy restaurant on the seaside with deckchairs rental
  • Ocean 82: gastronomic restaurant by the sea
  • Lolos: Creole restaurants by the sea, preferably Rib Shak

and Mullet Bay:

  • Kalatua: a wonderful restaurant on the seaside with its deckchairs on one of the most beautiful beaches of the island

and Indigo Bay:


and also at Pic Paradis :

  • Lottery farm: restaurant and swimming pool in a beautiful and luxuriant setting with pool party organization


and also at Terres Basses :
  • the beaches of Baie Rouge, Baie aux Prunes and Baie Long
or in the Dutch part :
  • Mullet Bay beach
  • Indigo Bay beach


and to go to Saint-Barthelemy :

or in Anguilla :


and also :